Tenant/Buyer Representation

Fidelity Commercial is one of the Philadelphia region's most active tenant/buyer representation firms, with extensive experience in office, industrial, flex and retail transactions, large and small, simple and complex. We have earned a reputation for developing innovative and successful strategies that are implemented with meticulous professionalism.

Our Tenant/Buyer Representation services include site selection, strategic planning, coordination of space design services, lease and agreement of sale negotiations, as well as support from our property management and construction specialists. Offering a full range of real estate services, we develop an objective, professional evaluation of all available alternatives that enables you to make the right choice.

We learn as much as we can about the organizations we serve: their industries, customers, competitors, emerging technologies and future challenges. By interpreting the potential impact these factors will have on facilities decisions today and in the future, we develop a long-term strategic plan that is responsive to your particular requirements while protecting your bottom line.

Tenants and Buyer benefit from Fidelity Commercial's involvement not only because we thoroughly evaluate their real estate opportunities, but also because we improve their negotiating position with landlords and sellers. Moreover, our experience representing landlords and sellers provides our tenant and buyer clients with in-depth knowledge of the "other side of the table."

Fidelity Commercial's experience as a landlord/seller representative enables us to present a landlord or seller with the most effective and best case for restructuring a lease or agreement of sale. Because we understand the financial motivations of the landlord or seller, we can devise and implement realistic solutions for the tenants and buyers we represent. Additionally, our knowledge of the "bricks and mortar" enables us to realize significant cost savings for our clients in many areas of building operations.

Fidelity Commercial's in-house economic and market research expertise supplies the information our clients need to understand trends and industry benchmarks, which are crucial to the decision-making process. We can provide sophisticated analysis of real estate decisions on a cash (pre-tax or after-tax) basis, which enables us to evaluate the client's options from an in-depth economic perspective.

Our singular objective on each project is to initiate cost-effective real estate decisions that will maximize efficiency while supporting the client's essential business strategy. Fidelity Commercial's ability to achieve this goal is evidenced by our many long-term relationships with local, regional and national well-known and respected clients.

If you are planning a relocation or expansion, wish to renegotiate your existing lease or consider the purchase of a property, remember that Fidelity Commercial is interested, willing and extremely capable of providing you and your firm with the expertise necessary to successfully complete your real estate requirement.

Commercial Leasing & Property Sales

Fidelity Commercial's comprehensive approach to owner representation combines comprehensive marketing expertise including sound management, research, financial analysis, reporting, and technical and legal support. The more than 15 million square feet of space we leased and/or managed attests to our ability to lease and manage small to institutional-grade real estate assets.

We understand that a successful leasing program often is the key to achieving a property's long-term economic prosperity. Over the years, Fidelity Commercial has earned a reputation for developing ad implementing leasing programs that help our clients achieve maximum occupancy in their buildings.

As property manager, Fidelity Commercial works with building owners to establish their investment objectives and develop a plan that will achieve those goals. Having an advisor such as Fidelity Commercial who knows “both sides of the table" works to the advantage of our clients.

Fidelity Commercial provides sophisticated consulting and transaction services to our clients. Services offered by Fidelity Commercial include asset sales; consulting; financing workouts; and zoning, development and construction advisory services.

On each assignment, we work to achieve our overall objective: to maximize the value of your asset through the entire length of the investment cycle, with particular attention to the timely and efficient execution of profitable leasing transactions supported by a proactive management program.

If you're looking for an edge in today's competitive real estate world, Fidelity Commercial is your real estate resource.

Property & Asset Management

Fidelity Commercial is known for our ability to increase the value of a commercial properties through the implementation of our innovative management program.

We have developed a truly unique service approach that provides the most comprehensive management expertise on every level. Other real estate companies provide you with a single account executive who handles tenant relations as well as building operations and maintenance. This person is charged with overseeing the entire staff of the property – quite a daunting responsibility. Only Fidelity Commercial provides you with an asset manager and a property manager, who each handle their own specialized field of expertise. This ensures that both important service areas receive priority attention.

Hiring Fidelity Commercial is like having your own in-house owner's representative. Our asset manager serves as your watchdog by concentrating on reviewing expenses and tracking income. The asset manager's duties include rent collection, tenant concerns, delinquent accounts, and the disbursement of money.

Fidelity Commercial's property manger, meanwhile, focuses on the physical operations on your building and closely oversees the activities of building personnel such as superintendents, building managers, porters, etc. The property manager makes sure the building is safe operable and up to code.

Regular meetings are held with the building owner; at which time the asset manager and property manager report on the building's financial situation. At the end of each month, the asset manager and the property manager together review expenses that have been incurred in property management. Additionally, they convene annually to prepare a budget for the following year and a report to the owner. The property manager, in conjunction with the owner's leasing agent, calculates anticipated expenses for the following year, and the asset manager uses those calculations to project leasing assumptions.

Fidelity Commercial's two-pronged approach protects the value of your investment. In buildings that are not managed by Fidelity Commercial, tenants typically discuss rent and other issues with an accounts receivable clerk, who cannot fully understand or efficiently address their needs. Because Fidelity Commercial assigns an asset manager who is specially trained to respond to tenant needs and is readily accessible to them, we achieve a higher level of satisfaction among tenants in the buildings we manage.

Our innovative team approach heightens accountability and efficiency of your building's management, enhances your relationship with tenants, and ultimately, improves your investment.

As one of the largest privately held commercial real estate firms in the Philadelphia Region, Fidelity Commercial gives you an edge in today's competitive real estate world.

Investment Property Sales

Fidelity Commercial has a proven track record of achieving the following results for building owners:

  • Maximizing asset value using our in-depth knowledge of the real estate market
  • Achieving record prices in asset sales transactions
  • Executing effective, targeted marketing campaigns
  • Creatively structuring transactions to meet client objectives
  • Closing transactions within a short time frame

Fidelity Commercial provides our clients with sophisticated consulting and transaction services. They include:

  • Asset Sales
  • Asset Recovery
  • Due Diligence and Investment Advisory Services
  • Consulting
  • Workouts
  • Zoning, Development and Construction Advisory Services

Over the past three years, Fidelity Commercial closed over $200 million in asset sales, primarily as exclusive sales broker on behalf of owners and financial institutions. Several of these sales were complicated by foreclosure or bankruptcy issues, or involved the sale of notes rather than fee interests. Fidelity Commercial's Investment Sales Team has access to the expertise of Fidelity Commercial's brokerage, facilities and asset management resources. This knowledge, which enables us to thoroughly understand the asset and the owner's priorities and consequently serve the owner most effectively, distinguishing Fidelity Commercial from the competition.

Depth of In-House Resources
Fidelity Commercial employs nine, highly-skilled real estate professionals whose backgrounds and experience include management, finance, engineering, economics, marketing and property management. We retain these professionals in office to provide our clients timely knowledge in their respective fields.

Sophisticated Financial Modeling
Fidelity Commercial developed a cutting-edge financial modeling system for evaluating opportunities and issues considered by our clients. This system enables us to provide our clients with detailed cash flow and tax information.

By optimizing this unique blend of experience, diversity and depth, Fidelity Commercial's Corporate Advisory Services Group develops creative solutions for even the most complicated facilities issues. Most importantly, we don't just satisfy your immediate requirements. Rather, we work with you to create a strategic plan that will meet your business needs well into the future.

Corporate Advisory Services

Fidelity Commercial understands that corporations undertaking strategic moves such as mergers, relocations or expansions have unusually complex real estate needs requiring maximum flexibility at the most beneficial cost. Our Corporate Advisory Services Group has a proven record of fulfilling even the most challenging corporate real estate requirements.

Effective management of real estate must support a company's short and long-term business unit strategies. Fidelity Commercial focuses on developing and implementing comprehensive strategies that maximize the value and use of our clients' occupancy commitments.

The following services set Fidelity Commercial apart from the competition:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Re-location, Co-location and Consolidation Planning
  • Information Management
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Programming Needs Analysis
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
  • Project Management
  • Lease Management

Fidelity Commercial